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Need an expert wordpress developer to enhance our website, increase loading speed and properly apply Yost SEO for proper google and bing indexing.

Site: www.magnusadventures.com
Using cloudinary.com for video rendering

Once this has been done, apply the following:

Statistics tracking to the CP
User management to add additional resorts
CPC system to bill resorts for traffic that has been pushed to their site via Magnus.

Important note:  Website will contain content that is managed by an admin and also managed by bloggers, resorts and photographers.  Each contributer needs their own username and password and the admin will approve all posts.  It’s important that the developer knows how to set up the user management system to allow for content control to these websites.

Also, the site content will have links that need to be tracked for PPC billing to each of the contributors.  Example:  Talon Lodge will post their content.  For every click on the link that goes to www.talonlodge.com, Talon Lodge will be billed, per click.  The developer needs to know how to set up this system.

Also, the site needs to provide for forms data gathering and notification to the content contributer.  Example:  a user may want additional information from Talon Lodge.  The form will forward the inquiry to the email that is held in the Talon Lodge user profile.  Talon Lodge will have the ability to manage the records using their UN/PW

The developer needs to apply the best image plugins that will provide for a dramatic presentation of the content and allow for editing of images, cropping of images and maintaining the images within the media library

Admin needs to have full access to all images and content.

Website needs to be 100% responsive
Website needs to apply proper SEO for great search indexing

Need to present examples of your work that illustrate understanding of image and video centric presentations

Posted On: October 02, 2019 18:27 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: CSS, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Video Streaming, Web Design, Website Development, WordPress
Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States

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