VBulletin to WordPress/Xenforo Integration Migration – Upwork

Looking for a US-based developer or team of developers to migrate a VBulletin 3.8.6 forum with 500K posts and 3,500 users to an integrated WordPress/Xenforo installation. VBulletin database, users, topics, threads, posts, credentials, etc would all need migrated and work seamlessly within Xenforo framework, while bridge development is required for WordPress and Xenforo to work seamlessly with user account information for one seamless login/account management footprint sitewide.  We are a content creation web site with an active forum community. WordPress provides us the content creation platform while WP-based forums like bbpress/buddypress are not mature enough to handle our needs — hence a third party forum tool like Xenforo that works seamlessly with WordPress so the user experience, site design, layout, etc is uninterrupted.

This migration would include an ISP change to ensure the existing production web site is unaffected during the project. The new ISP of our choosing will meet all bandwidth, memory, throughput needs and provide a fresh landing pay for installing fresh copies of all software and allowing for the migration of database date from the production server at the original ISP.

Am very familiar with WordPress platform and have already purchased the Xenforo software and WP theme. Also purchased A-member software that, at one time, a prior developer suggested was needed to perform this project.

This is not a project for rookies or renegades.  We know precisely what we want, but need professional assistance to see it to fruition.

– Developers/Companies MUST be USA-based
– Must be accessible by phone
– Must have a portfolio of work we can review
– Must have a mastery of databases, export/import, troubleshooting
– Must have a mastery of WordPress and Xenforo back-end admin/databases
– Must have prior experience performing this type of migration/integration before.*

* We have unfortunately been derailed in the past with developers that have overpromised and underdelivered (or not delivered at all) on this project and its been about 5 years of searching for a qualified team to make it happen, much of that time being wasted. We must have a qualified team to do this where it is not their first rodeo.

Will consider another forum integration platform other than Xenforo despite owning the software/licenses if such a decision can be proven to further the success of the project more easily and expeditiously.

Project costs are obviously very fluid on a development like this, but have the resources to pay for results.  May need to sign contract agreement with specification of executables, responsibilities, and deliverables with phase completion deadlines.

Additional responsibilities would include:
– Various WordPress plugin-installation and configurations for additional site functionality
– Any oversight/assistance with DNS/path changes as needed during cutover
– Potential post-migration support based on contract agreement terms for a period anywhere from 30 days to indefinite

We will be responsible for all hardware and software costs, hosting, and other 3rd party fees or charges.


Budget: $5,000

Posted On: May 28, 2019 10:58 UTC
Category: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development

Skills: e-Shop, JavaScript, MySQL Administration, MySQL Programming, Navigation, Page Mockups, PHP, Plugin Development, Plugins for WordPress, Product Upload, SEO-based Website, Web Design, Website Customization, WordPress
Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States

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