Technical SEO

Ultimate SEO understands technical SEO more than the average marketer because we were founded by technical people.  To understand how a search engine works and how a page can be optimized we can read and write HTML5 and CSS outside of an editor and we build cloud servers after decades of supporting technology.

Your site needs to load in under 3 seconds.  Thats not hard with the right technology.  In the near future we plan to have an 99% page speed and load in less than 2 seconds without changing our server, just optimizing it and our page.

Check back for updates on that project.

Test your site’s speed:   

gtmetrix technical seo tool

Build A Manageable Page

First off how long is your homepage? Have You built one that just scrolls into infinty? Well thats how it loads too.
Packing lighter is sometimes better than over stuffing a page with various concepts.

Optimize Image Sizes

When you take a photo on your phone its resolution is likely 2000px or greater than a desktop monitor's pixel count across. When you size it down in an editor it usually just scales the image down...but the file size remains. Use a photo editor to resize the image to fit your needs.

Don't Use Video On Your Homepage

Sure that autoplaying video clip adds motion and looks sharp, but on your homepage? Movie files that are just a few seconds can add huge file sizes to the page download , slowing your site down and getting your page ranked lower. Put a thumbnail to the video and allow users to open it if they want.

Ask Yourself How Essential That Slider Is

Sliders are cool and they convey a big message in a small space. The slider above is alright because it isn't on the homepage.
Consider that one slider above is 5 large images, if not sized well it gets out of hand fast.