site speed

Site Speed

I have always leaned towards providing a site the fastest environment that fits in the tightest of budgets in an effort to set up a site for success.  Technical SEO is a natural place for me to feel a need to lead by example.  I’ve tweaked things on this site here and there and felt it was “good enough.”

Rank One search engine sites are not good enough…they are the best combination of content, keywords, promotion, value and technical infrastructure for a given search.  At present here is my score:


Technical SEO Now

Page Load

Target SEO Speed Metrics

I’d not tell a client there is anything wrong with the above results, but then I’ve completed audits of many sites and I’ve yet to find a site below 3 seconds, with an A and less than 50 requests.  So This speed project I’ll endeavor to keep the same AWS server but optimize it to a Page Speed Score of 99%.  I’ll set a 2 second goal and at 1.37MB I’ll say it can’t get any smaller just faster.  41 Requests could be better but its honestly better than anyone’s site reading this … if I’m wrong post your score as a reply.;-)

So that’s my goal, to meet the speed needs and metrics of a top ranking server.