Free Autoblogging With IFTTT


I’ve done this a couple times for various clients and I’ve picked it back up for the social media.  There are a couple wrinkles in my plans like image issues on various posts but IFTTT now distributes updates about posts on this site to various social media accounts without any interaction from a human.

What accounts are tied into this project?

Automate Social Media Broadcasts

UltimateSEO’s Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page, Blogger Page, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube Channel, Flicker Album, Instagram and this WordPress site are all synced.  A post can be published here on WordPress and each of these IFTTT Applets will do the rest to spread the word automagically to all of these social media accounts.

Automate Social Media broadcasts with IFTTT

Automate Social Media Monitoring

The next phase of this project is to automatically monitor social media networks and have other people’s posts update to a Google Sheet when we’re mentioned.  This allows us to respond quickly and monitor Ultimate SEO’s perception among the public.

In a prior political campaign I used this technique to be notified if someone mentioned our candidate and having links to these posts in a spreadsheet was great at trending the impact.

Monitor Social Media

Automate Responses On Social Media

It’s always nice to acknowledge someone directly and make them feel noticed and appreciated.  We can automate this as well using IFTTT.  The applet below will tweet a thank you message and a link to the new follower.

Auto Mention Follower

Theres still a lot more that can be done making IFTTT and your social media an effortless task.