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I was born and raised in Louisville, KY and while I may move around to see what challenges await in other places it will always be home.  During the 2018 Midterm Elections I was honored to work for two public servants campaigns in local elections.

Honestly, these two were the best person for the job but it seems the voters disagreed.  To the candidates I hope you know I believed in you and your campaign and poured hours into the SEO efforts of your sites. I’m proud of the SEO results obtained through the primary sites which included: 

Through the efforts of these along with a dozen other sites  I got a couple sites that I plan to continue working with to further develop the SEO efforts of political campaigns that need to win.  These sites include:

My sites are firmly set towards helping in the 2019 election and the 2020 election.  In preparation for 2020 I already have in the wings waiting.

If anyone would like any of the data on the sites and the efforts I’d be happy to share it as they will serve as case studies for future political SEO needs.  You can visit Political SEO still and hear me out in my arguement for greater attention to online efforts beyond just a Facebook page.

Thanks for the experience,

Matthew Leffler

louisville ky