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We are interested in bringing on a Google analytics analyst. But we are particularly interested in your growth hacking expertise as well. In your area of expertise, we are looking for a “turnaround” expert to evaluate and reposition our digital marketing program to meet the key performance indicators which we will go into below. We believe that your skill sets and certifications make you a qualified candidate for what we are looking for.

A little bit about us, we have a boutique cosmetic surgery business ( We are staunch believers and advocates of Inbound marketing and we have following this program via an agency since February 2019 and we will continue to operate as such. We are glad to see that you are HubSpot Inbound Certified.

In our analysis of our current operation we feel that it is necessary to onboard an analyst with fresh eyes and procedures and methods to obtain our goals. We are a surgical business and we have one KPI, we want 9 (36 surgical cases a month) surgical cases a week. We need 2.6 consults for every surgery generated. Therefore, we need leads that generate 94 consults a month.

Now based upon your UpWork’s information total earned/jobs/hours worked, I would ask that you provide us with brief case study of your strategy based upon the review of our Google analytics (which we will provide you access to) as well as our Data Wall (which we will also provide).

Lastly what do you think about James Matthews’ How Cooperative Game Theory Can Be Utilized to Enhance Marketing Analytics Attribution.

Any benefits for a strategic advantage over the competition?

Posted On: October 19, 2019 23:29 UTC
Category: Data Science & Analytics > Quantitative Analysis

Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States

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