is an Ultimate SEO site.  On this page we provide auto blogging software and tips but we didn’t write these and we do not offer support for them.  You may visit the developer site or our forums for community support.

In the tabs below we provide four ways to auto blog for free.


Free Auto Blogger Application For Windows

There is a Windows only program available for download by clicking the green button.  And guess what….no weird process or count down or enter your info…its a download folks.

Ultimate SEO didn’t create this program so its use at your own risk without any warranty. I’d honestly suggest you choose a different tab.  Each tab shows a free way to auto blog.

Manage many commercial Blogs all from your desktop with auto posting content from rss and xml feeds that you choose. Add your own custom post to “salt and pepper” throughout your blog as advertisement.

Choose your own Advertising banners and links in every post or any post. Use your favorite rss feeds to supply you with fresh updated on topic content posted to your blog (with link to author). Random posting times to avoid search engine foot prints. Real time filter to stop spam and post of great length. Easy to use Post editor to remove spam or unwanted post from rss feeds. Post your own comments along with items from feed. Choose from templates how post will look.

Multi blog handler runs all your blogs at once with one click! Drag and drop rss, podcast, and xml feeds into reader and quickly build a “new content” folder of any on topic feed you would like to have posted on your blog/blogs.

Download Free Auto Blogger Support Forums

Auto Blog Via RSS

If you have a WordPress site hands down the best way to auto blog for free is using CyberSyn or CyberSEO. (They recently may have rebranded the plugin). This plugin posts to WordPress full text articles from other blogs using RSS feeds COMPLETELY FREE.

WordPress Post via RSS

How you would set this up is easy but takes a minute of thought.  Your WordPress site creates RSS feeds for each category and tag.  Using these you can post articles and depending upon the category or tag display it for another site to post.  In other words I’ve created a blog site that I use exclusively as my RSS post site.  I have categories setup almost like channels.  Financial, Education, Legal, Business … so on and so fourth.  No you could make them regions United States, Europe, Asia … you get the point.  That creates a separate RSS feed for each “channel” that you would then use on you other blog.

On the other blog install CyberSEO.  Setup the default settings … you should play around with these and test which are right for you.  I generally always set the plugin to pull full text posts.

Then add the RSS feed that you wish to post to the blog.  For instance if this is a financial site I could add the rss feed for the financial category that you created on your feed site.  While adding the feed you’ll be able to set a frequency of checking for new posts, if it isn’t urgent that the post be up within minutes … I recommend giving it time…I will enter 1500 minutes for instance.  Thats once a day and a few minutes.  The more often the frequency the more work for both sites even when there is nothing to post.

CyberSEO And Auto Blogging

They didn’t ask us to plug them, they didn’t pay us and they don’t know this is here, while we are adding it …. this is a real recommendation.  You can visit them at


Similarly to using CyberSEO this method begins with a plugin thats free and available through WordPress.  The MainWP plugin allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites for no additional costs.  They do offer addon services but for our purposes we can accomplish free auto blogging with their free service.  You can read up more on them at

Simply install the MainWP dashboard plugin into a WordPress site.  We recommend and so does MainWP that you use this on a site dedicated to it.  So maybe create a subdomain and install just MainWP.

Auto Post To Network Of Sites

Once it is installed you can, and this is worth it in the end…log into each individual site you wish to auto blog on and install the MainWP Child Plugin.  Once you activate it go back to the MainWP dashboard site and add the new destination site.

Once all the sites are added you can click “post” and then create your post and in the upper righthand corner select which sites you’d like to post too.  You can also create groups of sites.  This is all for free.

MainWP also has additional features and may be the all around perfect multiple blog solution.  They did not pay us and don’t know we recommend them. 


IFTTT provides a unigue solution to auto blogging for free as it takes the work of auto blogging off your site but is available whether your home computer is available.

IF This Then That

IFTTT applets can be created for free to ” If this site has a new post then post that post to this site.”  Each applet can have at this time only one destination.  You may want to create one central hub site and if a post is made to it then IFTTT should post that post to any number of sites, but you’ll need an applet for each destination site.  The beauty though of IFTTT is its integration with everything.  For instance, you can make an IFTTT applet that posts anything you email a specific address. You could have IFTTT turn on lights at your home if there is a new post to your site.  Its great for sharing social media posts.  Check out this guide below to IFTTT and … the site, service and guide are all free. 



Manage Multiple Blog Posts Efficiently

Lots of services out there will handle your blog posts and content but very few are free. Automated posts across domains can easily be setup using IFTTT or RSS feeds. You don’t have to post to 20 blogs each time you want to distribute across sites. You also don’t need a plugin that spins text to a point that it sounds fake.


This software was not developed by UltimateSEO but it is provided to you here as a courtesy.  Since we purchased we assume the author is now defunct.  You may want to seek support for the software in our forum, but Ultimate SEO ultimately does not support this software.