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Key On WordsBefore you go diving into the long and beaten down road of keywords, here is some advice.  Do not make a keyword less than 3 words.  I’d love to rank number 5 or 25 for SEO or Ultimate SEO but that isn’t happening now until my backlinks and anchor text allow it.  You see I don’t put as much thought into Keywords as I do backlinks.  I’ll explain in a backlinks post, but “Miserable Failure” is a clue if ya want to read about it.  Three words, not too long and that naturally flow.  Another suggestion…this is Jeopardy.  As in you have to quess the question, not the answer.  “Where to vote” was the top searched phrase during the 2018 election.  Final keyword suggestion, your brand name or your actual name is not a good keyword.  If someone Google’s Matthew Leffler, guess what … they already know about me.  Think about your competitors and bring them into your content.  Neil Patel is great, I wish I was an SEO competitor of his … btw  I just dropped him in to the content, he’s a keyword now)

Another great free SEO keyword tool, Google.   When I Google “Free SEO Tools” at the bottom of the results I see:

These are relevant, they are phrases Google associates with what you just searched, they also must be popular choices why else would they be suggested?  So take your keyword in mind, turn it into 8 more and now you have a good foundation.

Primary Keyword Phrases   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  
Desired Variables (city, state etc.)   Desired Variables (city, state etc.)  

If you're using this for Google Ad Words, you likely want to leave these boxes checked.
Retain Broad Match   Add Exact Match   Add Modified Broad Match
Add Phrase Match   Add Negative Match

 Checking this box CHANGES this tool, so it will generate EXACTLY what you input. Do do not use with the Adwords match types.

This option KEEPS any spaces or other characters you may add, like pipes, spaces etc. and will NOT add its own spaces for use in Adwords.