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This FAQ section just started Feb. 2019 each day it will grow.  You’re welcome to offer questions or offer questions with answers and we’ll be happy to note you and a link to your site as the source.  Complete Suggest A FAQ form for consideration.

Ultimate SEO FAQ 2019

Some questions are still awaiting their answers.

Political SEO (3)

I have to admit they are useful in my opinion.  Say you have 10 blogs that you do SEO for … you can use the RSS feed with an IFTTT Applet to auto generator your social media announcements of new content.  Rather than posting something to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Tumblr, Instagram and so on and so on.

You can also ensure that your blog regularly gets updates which improve the likely hood of crawlers visiting your site more frequently.  It’s not the main attraction content that you would be pulling in but filler content that is still relevant.  Think of it like this … when you go to your local newspaper’s site likely all of the nation news is from the Associated Press.  That means that article is duplicate content but duplicate content isn’t as bad as folks make it out to be…it happens and in journalism it’s more the norm than the exception.

Sometimes I feel that RSS content aggregated well can create unique content.  An example is during an election I built a site that aimed to have all the local elections news in one spot. pulled the RSS feeds of anyone running for office which created a place where you could read two candidates updates side by side and compare what they were focusing on in the election.  The candidates want there content reposted, and the voters likely want to see both sides so in that scenario I think the content from RSS made uniquely different aggregated content.

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Negative SEO is a branch of SEO that largely came into existence with Google’s Penguin Update.  For the first time in SEO a search engine was prepared to lower your ranking based on what it perceived to be a site gaming the system.  Not only did site’s change the way they promoted themselves but this created a very real opportunity to harm competitor’s sites.

All you have to do to is mimic spammy promotion of a site to draw Google into penalizing that site.  This can include:

  • Building too many unnatural backlinks from low quality sites too quickly to have been organic
  • Using anchor text with adult themes or words associated with low brow tactics.
  • Associate the competitor or target site with link building schemes, such as a PBN.
  • Duplicate content thereby watering down the value of their original content.

Google On Negative SEO

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Political SEO is search engine optimization meant to affect a political outcome by ranking a political message for a specific intended audience before a future event.  The event is often an election.  Political SEO is commonly mixed with PPC or Pay Per Click advertising as SEO work generally requires time to build momentum while political campaigns are often short lived entities.

Political SEO may promote a candidate, party, idea, platform or agenda and intends to influence an audience’s perception of that focus.

Category: Political SEO

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SEO (14)

Domain Authority is a metric meant to predict a domains ability to rank content on a search engine.  It relies heavily on backlinks and anchor text just like Google.  DA is a number between 0 to 100.  It is increasingly harder to increase your domain authority.  So a site may have 20 backlinks from 20 different sites and it earns a 10 DA but when that site has 40 domains linking to it its not going to have a 20 DA it might have a 15.

The Law Of Diminishing Returns is really easily seen in this topic.  Over a 4 month period a DA33 site increased its linking domains from 400 to 800 and its DA increased to DA40.  That was 7 points for double the domains.  This site on 2/1/2019 has a DA41.  A month ago this site had a DA40.  In the last 30 days this site added about 34 domains linking to it for a total of 854.  The other site previously mentioned had about 800 when it became a DA40 as well.

An indepth discuss is included in an article on the site.  Domain Authority, Why Should I Care?

Category: SEO

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are we there yet?

Likely this is the most annoying question I get but I get it…we all wanna know the future.  Anyone who tells you a set time table is lying or doesn’t realize they don’t know.  We can guestimate…and I mean guess estimate it.  Cause for us to make an accurate quote on how long it will take we have to know what other people may be doing on the same keyword in the future and often they dont even know they are going to rank for that keyword a week from now.

You have to understand with 200 factors coming together in your ranking there are like thousands with there own 200 ranking factors that are going to play into the answer.  Sometimes unrelated things like adding a huge blog post on something else with poorly optimized images can slow down the whole site and that speed decrease may be enough to move someone else a spot higher.

In broad general terms I’d say with backlink building from relevant sites using the correct anchor text, users clicking your search result more than the one above you and with some good content thats optimized you can rank at the top in less than a month for easier long tail keywords.  It its a difficult keyword that has competition surrounding it Id expect it to take longer and Id be prepared for fluctuation some days you may lose some ground don’t get upset. The thing I’d focus on is the trend…is it climbing and can you keep up that pace?  Here is a set of keywords I use to serve as a baseline for this site…I think the trend is the most important thing.

keyword ranking trend

Tag: trend

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Category: SEO

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They are just longer phrases with a more exact intent by a searcher.  For instance SEO isn’t a long tail keyword.  Ultimate SEO isn’t either but its twice as close to it.  Ultimate SEO FAQs is just about there and you can see that its more and more specific… Ultimate SEO FAQs On Long Tail Keywords …. now thats a long tail keyword.

They are searched less but they are much more specific and its easier to rank well for them with the right content.

Category: SEO

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Theres likely debate and I don’t claim to have tested everything out there but I’ve found this mix to be good for me.

WPA Auto Links – It auto adds links in your content when it recognizes a phrase you have already covered so it adds an internal link for you.

Yoast – Hands down the best most configurable SEO plugin for what you want people to see in search results. I rarely use the keyword tool where it says to add this word here or there.  I also prefer xml site maps from a different plugin.

XML Site maps And Google News plugin just makes the files I want exactly the way I want.

Schema is another plugin that Yoast also does but I prefer a plugin that does it really well.

CyberSyn – For RSS feeds to posts, it gives the most features of any plugins I know of on WordPress for RSS to post.

Ultimate FAQs – I am a fan of FAQs all the time and anytime.  I like that in this plugin they are all on one page together but a permalink exists to the specific FAQ on its own as well giving you the flexibility of serving it a la cart.

Smush – Image optimization is essential and without a plugin to ensure you’re not showing a 2000 x 2000 image in a 200 x 200 spot you’ll quickly lose control of your site’s load times.

Merge Minify Refresh – You’ll have 25 css and 20 js files on every page and this plugin helps tackle that with out breaking everything.  I am NOT a fan of Auto-Optimize I usually find myself having to recover from backup after it auto does its thing.

404 to 301 – I like to 404 redirect to a search page that is likely to help someone find what they are after rather than just drop them on a 404 error page or the homepage.

WP-Optimize – I prefer this tool … always backup first but it does a good amount of cleaning and helps keep your database tables neat.  Neat means faster page load times.

Categories: SEO, Technical SEO
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