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Email Broadcast ( is a full-service email marketing agency looking to grow.

We're looking for a long-term SEO Expert and WebDeveloper to manage our WordPress website that we just had built using an upwork freelancer. It's a DIVI theme, using an Agency Layout, includes Yoast amongst other plugins, and is hosted on SiteGround with CDN Cloudflare.

You can read about the job here to get a very good understanding of what we just accomplished:

Our freelancer did a fine job but has since taken a full-time position making him unavailable during the day for communication and work, and his new job has sapped all his energy leaving no desire to work evenings and weekends to complete our rebuild. He's wrapping up the stuff we already have underway, but it's fairly urgent we find someone new for forthcoming pages.

So, our website is standing, it's pretty fast, has the critical pages, had some SEO efforts and is now live. We're looking for someone to take it to the next level, and solve some of the issues we've had.


1. We need some advanced SEO work on key pages that we think we should be bringing us more traffic. For instance, we are MailChimp experts and want to start showing up organically for that search term. We're ok with lubricating google with an ad spend around this initially, but we should be able to compete for this organically.

2. We need someone who really understands the underlying code of WP, child themes, and who can optimize our page loads without just throwing money at "a faster server." We're on SiteGround now and paying near top dollar and get very little traffic so we should have all the resources we need with the right person at the helm.

3. We gave up on having a contact form because we couldn't get the standard divi form to work with captcha V3. It kept throwing an error to our users accusing them of being robots essentially – how rude! Then when the form did work the email ended up in Junk folder regardless of efforts to whitelist it. We're ok living without one if it really is as problematic as our developer claims, but we remain unconvinced that this isn't just a lack of experience/ability to solve a hard problem.

4. We need more new web pages that we are backfilling from the old site. We're extremely organized and have a good process for explaining exactly what the page should have on it, but we can't afford to make every design choice for you. If you're not a good designer (understand layout, whitespace, color, alignment, etc.) then please don't apply.

5. We already have a resource for security, networking, server management, API projects, etc. so if you don't have those skills you need not worry.

6. We have an appointment confirmation page on our website and Calendly sends us ISO 86 time code as the attribute that we need to convert to a more readable time/date. I found an article on doing exactly that, but it's beyond our current web designer's coding capabilities.

7. We need an affordable resource that we can work with long term. Right now there might be 5 to 10 hours a week as we rebuild the site, and that will likely drop to only a few hours a week but we can't afford to pay the "retail" rate (that you might charge someone for a small project) that helps cover the overhead of communicating about the project. We expect you to become a virtual member of our team and will hopefully work with us for years to come, and should bid accordingly.

8. We are not interested in working with a moonlighter. If you're not available for work meetings 10-4 PST m-Th then it's not going to work out.

9. We are not interested in working with anyone outside of the US/Canada and have a preference for the Pacific time zone.


1. Please provide your level of SEO experience, success stories, certifications, and maybe a basic plan on how you would handle point number 1 above. Anything else you see about our SEO needs, establishing you as an expert, would be helpful.

2. Please provide your web development experience including the most complicated things you've done with WordPress, your experience with DIVI, experience with plugins (conflicts and debugging), using Cache tools vs. CDN.

3. Please provide us with an estimated hourly rate for us to work together – long term, becoming a virtual member of our team considering the lack of overhead needed to consistently find new freelancing work.

4. Please answer our other concerns about availability, time zone, US based, etc.

Thanks for your interest, we're excited to get to know you.

Posted On: September 30, 2019 18:58 UTC
Category: Sales & Marketing > SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Skills: CSS, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Organic Traffic Growth, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), SEO Keyword Research, SEOMoz, Web Design, Website Development, WordPress, WordPress Theme
Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply.

Country: United States

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