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Link Building: Redirecting Expired Domains Backlinks

Hits: 3 SEO Link Building: Redirecting Expired Domain Backlinks Description Finding expired domains with relevant backlinks at SEO Video series that walks you through finding the domain, identifying the anchor text and redirecting the…

Duplicate Content Kills Your SEO

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H1 Tag More Than One On A Page, Order Of Header Tags

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SEO Vs PPC: Backlink Project Increases Traffic 1200%

This is the power of backlinks at their best. A recent client complained that they have never ranked on page one of Google for their brand name product. After a thorough review of the site…

Is A Site Low Level? DA vs CF vs TF … DR, DS, AS, TS and more!

What to do with a low ranking site? I was asked a seemingly simple question by a client today. Should low level sites he owns be scrapped and used for their backlinks by 301 redirecting…

Easiest Tools To Speed Up WordPress Site Load Times For SEO

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Guest Posts Submitted To Ultimate SEO sites

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Link Building: Site Directories

An easy way to build backlinks is through directory submissions.  Anything hard though is worth more, so keep in mind directory submissions don’t carry the weight that in content links will.  With that said there…

PBNs 2019 – Domain Detailing – Picking Expired Domains And 301 Redirects

In PBNs 2019 Part 1 we discussed some logistics of organization on a high level concerning Cloudflare, Spreadsheets and above all randomness.  In this the second part of our private blog network series we’ll focus on…
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SEO Site Auditing With SEOprofiler Reports Part 1

What makes the difference between a paid subscription report or a free SEO audit from a website crawl?  Nothing … they both need human interpretation which is where an audit includes critical thinking and problem…

SEO Site Auditing With SEOprofiler Reports Part 1

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SEO Updates DA And PHP

Updates That Matter AND Updates That Don’t :SEO Basics

This post was originally made 3/7/2019 but was lost during a restoration from backup while Ultimate SEO was dealing with a DOS attack. Updates That Matter AND Updates That Don’t I’ve heard things come in…