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Managing And Maintaining A PBN

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Custom SEO Site Audit

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Duplicate Content Kills Your SEO

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Is A Site Low Level? DA vs CF vs TF … DR, DS, AS, TS and more!

What to do with a low ranking site? I was asked a seemingly simple question by a client today. Should low level sites he owns be scrapped and used for their backlinks by 301 redirecting…

Domain Name Register – PBNs In Mind –

Expired domains with free private registration and a coupon code from the already cheapest domain prices. Domain Register Coupon Codes First Coupon Code: ultimate seo Second Coupon Code: ultimate pbn Third Coupon Code: ultimate ppc…

Cloud Computing: Digital Ocean vs Google Cloud vs AWS

This may seem off topic but its on topic, technical SEO is imperative … you’re not going to rank number one on Google using Shopify or Wix.  It just isnt going to happen. Its also…

Quiet Please SEO Experiement In Progress

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SEO Site Auditing With SEOprofiler Reports Part 1

What makes the difference between a paid subscription report or a free SEO audit from a website crawl?  Nothing … they both need human interpretation which is where an audit includes critical thinking and problem…

SEO Site Auditing With SEOprofiler Reports Part 1

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What Would Google Cloud Need To Do To Catch Up To AWS And Azure?

What would Google Cloud need to do to catch up to AWS and Azure? Matt Leffler, I host another complete web stack on GCP Answered on Quora Ease of use is one thing. I have…
SEO Tools

SEO Tools and Guides

Free SEO Tools On going collection of SEO Links including Free Tools and strategy guides. They come from a varied amount of external sources but together create an essential full picture of a site’s presence. …