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Ultimate SEO is a unique solution to your search engine need. Matthew Leffler‘s 20 years of experience as a technical support / education designer sets him apart.  This skill set made him an Information Governance  software trainer at Hewlett-Packard, an Instructional Designer at Accenture and a “Top Rated” SEO on Upwork.  


With speed directly and indirectly affecting a sites ranking you can rest assured that your technical SEO is in good hands with Ultimate SEO. Matthew Leffler has worked at Gateway and Hewlett-Packard and has a dozen active technical certifications as well as a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

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technical certifications


Matt Leffler has a Master of Education in Instructional Design degree as well as a Masters of Business Administration in Technology Management. His education degree has taught him how to influence people, assessments for data collection and how to determine the validity of tools for measuring the acceptance of your message.

Problem Solver

Matt's years of experience as a help desk professional and manager have taught him urgency and how to find a path forward through problems that may arise when trying to meet your goals.

Developer needed for creating/updating a responsive WordPress theme – Upwork

I have a b2b (professional services) website alignity.io. This is developed using http://nativewptheme.net/ themem. i am looking for help in additional page design, also taking care of few refinements including Performance (loading speed) twitter integration I prefer someone who - has experience with UX design (including matching graphics, font, font size, color palette) - is preferably in the CST Time Zone - Who is accountable for timelines and deliveryPosted On: August 19, 2019 15:03 UTCCategory: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web Development Skills: WordPress, WordPress Theme, WordPress Website Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply ...
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seo expertise for medical practice – Upwork

Need an individual with SEO/web expertise to take written podcasts and blogs that have already been written/created and optimize and post them on our website. Goal is to help individuals in our local community to find the services/expertise we offer (we are a local medical practice) to increase patient volume. Expectations will be to provide tangible results as evidenced by increase number of calls to our office seeking the services.Posted On: August 19, 2019 15:03 UTCCategory: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design Skills: WordPress Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply. Country: ...
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WordPress Development + SEO Implementation – Upwork

Looking for a WordPress/custom web developer who can incorporate SEO best practices (with my guidance) into a website. Projects include, but are not limited to: -updating the website theme by cleaning up site CSS (margins, padding, etc) -consolidating plugins -updating user experience (HubSpot) -enhancing page template designs for best practicesPosted On: August 13, 2019 13:41 UTCCategory: Web, Mobile & Software Dev > Web & Mobile Design Skills: Visual Design, WordPress Location Requirement: Only freelancers located in the United States may apply. Country: United States click to apply SEO Jobs ...
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Help customize a Nonprofit Website in Avada (Animals/Youth) – Upwork

We just had a new website developed using the Avada theme www.hand2paw.org. I need help adding some content, including an events page that will link to a "purchase tickets" site using Give Lively. The right developer will have experience in building sites in WordPress and Avada in particular, working with Nonprofits on websites with fundraising as a primary goal and SEO. With the right match, I foresee a long term relationship maintaining and updating our site so it would be great if you are not only efficient at what you do (we are a small nonprofit) but you have some ...
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WordPress SEO Security Settings For WP Cerber

Hits: 1 Article Name WordPress SEO Security Settings For WP Cerber Description WordPress plugin settings and suggestions using WP Cerber, a Wordfence alternative. Security And SEO Go Hand And Hand Today In Ensuring A Site's Google Ranking And Index-ability. Matthew Leffler Ultimate SEO Ultimate SEO LLC https://ultimateseo.org/wp-content/uploads/ultimateseoimpactsm.png ...
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Improve SEO and Local visibility – Upwork

Hello We have recently migrated from Hubspot to WordPress. we would like to engage with an SEO expert to help us gain back our Search Engine visibility which declined a year ago due to poor management. We are a Cloud consulting and IT management firm. So we have a tough market. This can grow into full inbound marketing management (virtual marketing person). So please consider this post if you are available and have knowledge of our industry as well as willing to take on more work :)Hourly Range: $30.00-$65.00 Posted On: August 07, 2019 23:23 UTCCategory: Sales & Marketing > ...
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Technical SEO Expert

We believe the key to SEO always begins with unique content that your visitors will love.  We’ve helped clients creatively address content issues and build content that people will revisit.  

The best content isn’t enough though to rank at the top of results, and thats where our ability to promote it and help you build a social buzz, along with a faster and more efficient user experience sets us apart from digital marketers.

The best content doesn’t do much good unless people can find it.

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A better website means a better user experience

Google Data Studio And SEO

Check out our Google Data Studio Posts And Use Our Reports As Templates. You can also see SEO Visualizations from over a couple dozen sites audited.

Google Data Studio

Modern Search Engines Understand Concepts

Knowledge is power and we are living in the age of information technology so there is data everywhere.  The trick these days is keeping up with the fast changing landscape of technology as well as drawing meaningful, actionable results from the mountains of data that almost every new device creates. 

As an example o f the the marathon sprint that has become SEO one only has to consider keywords.  Its the topic most easily associated by others to SEO and likely one of the least important of them these days because search engines have evolved byond simple phrases.  

An example of what I mean brings me back to the time I spent as a software trainer for HP Idol.  Search engines or in this example Idol are advanced enough now that they can tell a difference between these sentences:

  1. Madonna is going to be live in concert this fall.
  2. Madonna and child is on tour this fall we should take the kids and she it.


What was the difference there? I mean if we go by keywords then they are the same person but traveling with her kid is what’s being discussed in the second.  Madonna and Child is a painting and it is going on an art tour.  Search engines though know that is not Madonna the material girl.  They can determine that based on backlinks, site categorization and user behavior. 

SEO Keywords And Madonna

Relevant Terms is the better way to think of keyword optimization.  Keyword density is of no value today, and it once was true that keyword should be entered into a meta field but today everyone admits that don’t pay attention to that often abused meta area. 

Here is a striking graph to help illustrate how much on page SEO is worth it today.  Also worth considering … social media.

Built On Instructional Design Principles Our SEO Process

01. Assess the current state

02. Define the desired state and design a plan

03. Implement the changes and pursue opportunities

04. Monitor and measure the results

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SEO Audit One of our favorite SEO activities is performing…

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One of the top 100 advertising and marketing agencies knows…

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To keep this site running fast for everyone the Ultimate SEO Online site serves as our store front with SEO packages available.  We also are running some promotions in the new .online store to celebrate.